Issue tracking software for legal teams

Build a single source of truth for negotiations, increasing productivity and visibility during the deal, while keeping clients informed and up-to-date.

Issue tracking software
Issue list generation

Collaborate with stakeholders

Annotate and label issues from agreements to generate issue lists for your team, client and counterparty to review. Communicate with your client easily by exporting the issue lists as reports to download or to email directly from the platform.

Issue Tracker - Collaborate with stakeholders
Issue tracker dashboard
Tracking dashboard

Be fully in the know

With a single source of truth for negotiation, you can view the change history, track turns over the course of a deal, and better understand how different parties came to a conclusion. Build trusted relationships with your clients by reducing time spent on low-value activities so you can focus on high-impact legal advice.

Knowledge management system

Increase your knowledge base

Save document annotations into a clause library and classify precedents in our knowledge management system for future use. Allow your team to capitalize on your organization’s collective knowledge by ensuring that they can access everything they need to make the best decisions.

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Increase your knowledge base
Gain insights on trending terms
In-depth analytics

Gain insights on trending terms

Capture data insights from the negotiation of documents to spot what terms are market in certain sectors and start creating better precedents. Spot negotiation patterns and better understand on which clauses you’re seeing the most push-back.

Intuitive platform

Integrate into your workflow

Issue Tracker is designed to accommodate the way you currently negotiate deals. Its user friendly interface will let you start working productively in minutes. Anduin conforms to your workflow, not the other way around.

Integrate Issue Tracker into your workflow
SOC2 Security Certification
Industry-grade security

Focus on your transactions

We focus on security, so you don’t have to. Anduin utilizes industry-grade security measures, including end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA), advanced firewalls, and monitored role-based access. Anduin is fully compliant with SOC2 standards for confidentiality and privacy. You can be confident that your documents are safe.

Anduin Transaction Engine

Run your deal from start to finish

The Anduin Transaction Engine is a unique ecosystem of interconnected deal tools designed for private market transactions. Share documents, negotiate, and close deals efficiently on a single platform.

Anduin Data Room logo

Simplify deals with an intuitive, secure data room that improves relationships through smart data.

Anduin Sign logo

E-signature, collaboration, and intelligent automation tools optimized for startups.

A secure and intuitive platform for better negotiations

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